Ghostface Killah Rips Apart A Slick Rick Break Like It’s A Park Jam (Audio)

Most songs that are less than 100 seconds long just aren’t worth the attention. However, when it’s Ghostface Killah lyrically going for broke on a 1970s breakbeat it changes things. On “Disco Airlines,” Tony Starks makes the style of music that Heads can imagine he was making in Stapleton Houses in the late 1980s.

He and latest right-hand-man Killah Priest use the song to promote Wu-Goo. However, more than just a plug for the business venture, the scratch-driven track is reminiscent of that 1970s throwback vibe that made Fishscale so incredible when it released a decade ago. While G.F.K. is getting plenty of news coverage for non-musical things as of late, he uses this moment to show he’s still nice with the lyrical sword.

While many Heads know the loop from Slick Rick’s “Mona Lisa,” the original source “Frisco Disco” is what perhaps inspires the name.

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