Ja Rule Tells Ice-T That “Coup De Grace” Will Be His Last Album (Audio)

Ja Rule is the latest guest on Ice-T’s Final Level Podcast. The Hollis, Queens MC veteran spoke to the O.G. about his ascent from independent MC to a multi-platinum superstar. In the hour-plus formatted interview, the flagship Rap act of Murder Inc. describes meeting Irv Gotti (through Mic Geronimo), hustling his TVT Records advance, and how music video director Brett Ratner changed Rule’s whole career with one wardrobe suggestion.


Late in the interview, Ja made an exclusive announcement. Near the 55:00 mark, the veteran MC says his upcoming eighth album will be his last. “I’m putting together my new album, which will be—this is an announcement I’m making for the first time—this is gonna be my last album.” Following the February interview, Ja Rule announced—via Twitter—that his album title had changed from Genius Loves Company to Coup De Grace. Ice-T challenged the announcement, alluding that retirements are typically broken in the music space. “I’m never gonna stop making music,” responded Ja. Ice, who has taken extensive breaks from solo albums, also suggested that brands offer artists platforms beyond the traditional label. “That just happened the other day; I just got a call to do something for HBO for this documentary.” Ja explained, “I’m always ready to record. But just me, personally, I’m like, ‘You know what? It’s time for me to go on and do other things, and kinda pay it forward to the younger cats.'”

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Beginning with 1999’s Venni Vetti Vecci, Ja Rule’s seven released albums include two #1 chart appearances, and four platinum (or better), and one gold performances. The MC last released Pain Is Love 2 four years ago this week. Ja has also enjoyed three #1 singles—two in the featured role alongside Jennifer Lopez.

In the interview, Ja revealed that he is deeply focused on investing in the technology space. He specified that entrepreneur Billy MacFarland’s Magnises black card is one company the reality TV star has invested in.

Coup De Grace does not currently have a release date.

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