Joell Ortiz Refuses To Give The Mic Up Till He’s The Last Man Standing (Audio)

A decade ago, Joell Ortiz was signed to Aftermath Entertainment. In 2016, the Brooklyn, New Yorker appears to be in a better position—given the fact that he’s released a number of acclaimed mixtapes, albums, and work with Slaughterhouse.

On March 15, Ortiz is fronting a project called That’s Hip Hop. There, Ortiz works closely with fellow BK native Domingo. Their latest offering is a track called “Last Man Standing.” Inside, Joell takes audit of his place in the game, his gifts with women, and his drive to innovate MC’ing. Domingo laces the artist with a grabbing beat that shows why Ortiz refuses to give the mic up—or to anybody else.

Joell Ortiz & Token Kill Microphones At Will…With No Witnesses (Audio)

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