Joell Ortiz & Token Kill Microphones At Will…With No Witnesses (Audio)

What is Hip-Hop? Just ask Joell Ortiz.

One year removed from his collaborative album with Illmind, Human, MC Joell Ortiz will be answering that question with his Brooklyn bred bars and beats from Latin producer Domingo as the East Coast artists dedicate an entire album to the preservation of the Hip-Hop culture aptly dubbed, That’s Hip-Hop.

“Kill At Will” is the first single to drop off of the project and what better way to pay homage to the culture than by building off a classic and reintroducing it anew, with an up and comer in the game to boot. Domingo, who has worked most notably with O.G.’s Kool G Rap, Big Pun, and KRS-One, laces up a chilling, treacherous instrumental and chops up Big Daddy Kane’s “Set It Off” for a mean hook to stun the opposition.

With the beat creeping up on them, Joell Ortiz and 17 year-old MC Token, who have matched mics once before during 2014’s Grind Mode Cypher, get aggressive as they flex with the flows, chop up the cadences, and wax the turntables with over two minutes of purebred wordplay.

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