It Was No Fluke…Token Is a Lyrical Assassin Who Will Obliterate Any & All Sucka MCs (Video)

Last year, 17-year old rapper Token burst onto the scene with “No Sucka MCs,” a lyrical display that stood among the best of 2015. Now, less than 2 weeks into 2016, he releases a sequel and tops it, setting a very high bar for where lyricism should be in the new year.

When “No Sucka MCs” was released last year, there were the typical slew of detractors alleging that the Salem, MA MC was only getting attention because he rhymed fast, was young, or because he was white. He addresses two of the three criticisms head on, both with his words and his varied flow. For any who believe the response was due to his race, there’s probably no amount of microphone destruction that would be satisfactory, but this follow up performance makes the argument seem dubiously thin.

For anyone who loves not just lyrical acrobatics, but rhymes with thought and punch, get ready…

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