Krayzie Bone’s Top 3 MCs Defy The Typical “Best Rapper” List (Video)

Krayzie Bone has been a professional Hip-Hop artist for nearly 25 years. The Cleveland, Ohio native and founding member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony recently did an interview with longtime group manager Steve Lobel for his new web series. Within, the multi-platinum MC broke down a few of his favorites, from songs he’s made to top MCs. In several cases, the answers are atypical.

Lobel asked his friend and client for his Top 3 MCs. Notably, the B.T.N.H member picked no one from his group, and at least two rappers who are not often heard. “One of the coldest MCs—#1 to me would be Treach from Naughty By Nature. [He is] a beast!” Treach and Krayzie worked together on “Thugz All Ova Da World” and 2010’s “Real Life.” Continuing, Krayzie selected an artist he has not released a track with. “Number two would be Eminem.” The third is an MC who Krayzie has toured with, and collaborated with. “Number three would be Tech N9ne.” From Kansas City, Missouri to East Orange, New Jersey, to Detroit, Michigan, the Cleveland native notably selected all acts from cities beyond the biggest in Hip-Hop history.

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Asked about his favorite Bone Thugs record, Krayzie may surprise some in selecting 2002’s “Home.” “‘Cause what rappers do you know have worked with Phil Collins?,” he said. “That was a big look for us.” The song began as an intended Krayzie solo song, before the sample was delivered to the Thug World Order sessions. Initially planning to simply sample Phil’s 1985 hit “Take Me Home,” the group was surprised he cleared it—and astonished when the drummer/vocalist agreed to appear in the video—so long as it was filmed in Switzerland. “It was freezin’ like crazy in that place,” remembered Krayzie.

From his own catalog, he nodded to the Mariah Carey-assisted “I Still Believe.” He added, “I love that song—classic to this day.”

In the rest of the interview, Krayzie discusses his final solo album, emergency plane exits, and why his hometown is real.

In November 2015, Krayzie released Chasing The Devil, Vol. 1.

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