Kxng Crooked Nods To Eric B. & Rakim As He Destroys Another Statik Selektah Beat (Audio)

Real recognize real. Even though he says he hates the term “Real Hip-Hop” (as do we…) at the end of his new song, Kxng Crooked is most definitely a fan of choice beats and raw raps. As he and Statik Selektah near the release of their joint album, Statik Kxng, they release a freestyle with a title designed to remind all of its in stores date, “February 12th.”

As has been the case with nearly everything Crooked has touched on the lead up to the LP, he goes as hard as it gets with the wordplay on the song. “Necrophiliac. Fuck your dead career. This graffiti rap. When I sketch, you hear pictures I bet your ears won’t forget for years,” he raps. He follows with shots at garbage MCs and Stacy Dash, for her recent comments suggesting that in order to eradicate racism at the Oscars, minority-themed shows like the BET awards should be eliminated, “Competition? Man, don’t make me laugh. I just slay ‘em like Gabrielle Union slays Stacey Dash crazy ass. I never hate on rappers making cash. But even though their advance is hefty, they be trash.” The multisyllabic flow and double entendres throughout require multiple rewinds.

Crook’s lyrical assault takes place on a Statik Selektah track, anchored by the unforgettable drum pattern used on Eric B. and Rakim’s “Mahogany.” At the outset, Crooked nods to the legendary duo, opening with “Long nose 44, ha ha ha ha ha. Raging bull Taurus placing Paid in Full forward, while I’m rocking my gold chain like la ‘da da da da da.'” While Statik’s production is very different than the sample used by Eric and Ra over the beat, those drums coax another strong performance from a formidable MC.

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