QBert, DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff Speak On Evolution & Pressures Of DJs In Doc Trailer (Video)

Films like 2001’s Scratch have covered the role of DJs in Hip-Hop music’s genesis. However, the artist who uses turntables and mixers to create, alter, and present music live spans across genre. Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ is a forthcoming film that examines the mix-master. The film, made by a DJ (DJ Zimmie) features first-person accounts by some of the most respected, and biggest in the industry.

From Hip-Hop, the film features DJ QBert, DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, DJ Z-Trip, DJ P, and lots more. Based on the late January trailer, the work presents stories from those and other DJs in Electronic, Dance, and turntablism, and looks at the corporate pressures DJs, promoters, and producers now face. The film looks at the role of festivals, and how DJs have been able to transition their love into substantial touring careers. Further, the role of technology, branding, and more is explored.

Spotted at 2DopeBoyz.

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