Showbiz & A.G. Bring O.C. Into The Fold To Weigh What Defines A “Classic” (Audio)

The D.I.T.C. collective has some plaques, courtesy of Big L’s The Big Picture, Fat Joe’s Don Cartagena, and the platinum Jealous Ones Still Envy albums. However, “classic” is never weighted in framed medal albums. Showbiz & A.G. and O.C. are two factions of the Diggin’ In The Crates conglomerate who have never had plaques on their own works, but the “classic” term has been tossed around surrounding works like Runaway Slave and Word…Life.

On “Gotta Be Classic,” the Bronx-to-Brooklyn, New York trifecta debates what truly measures greatness. Produced by Show (who does not rhyme on the track), A and O go in—and even discuss some “ambrosia”:

This is the latest in an apparent 2016 weekly series of D.I.T.C. drops.

As a note, A.G. (and Diamond D) will be on hand at this weekend’s J Dilla Weekend in Miami, Florida.

#BonusBeat: Can’t get enough Showbiz tracks? Here’s something the former Payday Records artist did recently for D.I.T.C. affiliate Milano:

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