Which Of These Albums From 1997 – 2015 Deserves A Slot in The Top 32 Rap Albums of All-Time?

Beginning on September 14, 2015, Ambrosia For Heads launched “Finding The GOAT Album,” a debate among millions of truly knowledgeable readers who love Hip-Hop culture, to determine Hip-Hop’s Greatest Album Of All-Time. For the last several months, we have conducted nearly 100 battles, by decade, between albums from the 80s, 90s and 2000s and you, the readers, have selected your top 10 for each era.

Before we move to the final rounds, where the top 32 albums will face off with one another regardless of when they were released, there are two remaining slots that need to be filled. This is your time to put forth any albums you think we missed and which you believe deserve a spot in the top 32 Hip-Hop albums of all-time. This is not an opportunity to revisit albums that were already voted out in previous rounds. Instead, it’s a chance to consider any great LPs you believe should have been included in the 120 albums we initially selected for the competition. For ease of reference, all 120 albums can be found here.

Today (February 11) begins the second of two wild card rounds to add the 2 additional albums to the remaining 30 LPs from the previous rounds. Wild card round 1 featured albums released between 1980 and 1996. This wild card round 2 features album released between 1997 and 2015. For your convenience, we have created a poll that lists several albums we considered which did not make the list of 120 albums, as well as several albums that readers noted as omissions in their comments. However, if you believe the list of albums in the poll below does not include the album that should be in the top 32, you can also write in your choice at the bottom of the poll, as long as it was recorded between 1997 and 2015.

Write-in votes should be made in the following format: [Artist Name] – [Album Title] (for example, The Game – Jesus Piece).

Both polls will close on Monday (February 15) at 5pm EST, and the final rounds to determine the greatest of all-time Hip-Hop album will begin on Tuesday, February 16.

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