Ice Cube & Common’s Touted Collabo Gives History A Shape-Up (Video)

Common and Ice Cube released “Real People” one week ago. Twenty years after their bitter Rap beef, the pair uses their co-starring position in Barbershop: The Next Cut to step beyond the issue.

The song’s verses play on each others’ lines and names, the very same way these two went about their ’90s beef. However, the message is to be mature, wise, and preserve life. The lyrics also recall Minister Louis Farrakhan’s meeting with them, and others to reach peace. In the film-promotional music video, none of that seems to come into play. With film cuts woven in, the two MCs rap their verses in a barbershop featuring cast-mate J.B. Smoove, and a lot of lighthearted fun. Lyric listeners will catch the significance of this moment. To lay music video viewers, it may never seem possible that these two men had crew-thick conflict that allegedly involved altercations, weapons, and an invoice sent to Common Sense.

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