Joey Bada$$ Makes The 5 Fingers Of Death Freestyle Into A Fist & Puts It On Troy Ave (Video)

It has been a big month for Brooklyn, New York Hip-Hop. After 2015 saw albums by Joey Bada$$ (B4.Da.$$) and Troy Ave (Major Without A Deal), the men began a social media back-and-forth regarding sales versus status that soon escalated. Last month (February 29), Troy brought the late Capital STEEZ into it, when he mocked his 2012 suicide on song “Bad Ass.” This week, Troy went one step further and advanced his anti-Pro Era campaign by making a video, with a suicide PSA included.

While Joey responded to the song on social media, he apparently kept his rhymes cocked-and-loaded for this morning’s (March 29) appearance on Sway In The Morning. What began as a typical “5 Fingers Of Death” (or in this case, 7) challenge may be the biggest one yet, as the Pro Era front man immediately sent a barrage of verbal fire in Troy Ave’s direction. Moreover, Joey asked Sway and DJ Wonder to feed him more beats, as the moment was not only calculated, but caustic with its bio-hazardous rhymes. Over-top beats by Public Enemy, Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics, Wu-Tang Clan, Beanie Sigel, and even Jimmy Spicer (among others), Joey brought the numbers with him—and then went into the bonus—calling Troy’s flagrant fouls. He addresses STEEZ’s death in his freestyle as well, as he perceives it. Have a look, with some of the sticking quotes below:

I been patient too, it made me more ill though, for real / Name another Brooklyn cat major without a deal.

The drama won’t let up, you reap what you sew / Men lie, women lie, numbers sure don’t / Got the whole beast coast comin’ for your skull / The karma gonna catch up, the album sales won’t.

Talkin’ on the god like we gon’ let it slide / When he did more dead than you could ever do alive / Now I won’t even lie / Can’t agree with suicide / But in the darkest times there’s still a brighter side / He took a leap of faith and only brightened his light / You took a cheap-shot of hate and only shortened your life / The difference between you and him is that he lives forever / You be the first to die who nobody ever remembers / ‘Cause the city never needed you, ever / You committed career suicide and made New York better / I gave you one line, you made a whole song / Here’s some more rhymes, you’ll be working year-long / Let me set the record straight from here on / Whoever said ‘Joey ain’t the best’ dead wrong.

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