Joey Bada$$ Carries On Tradition For Brooklyn And Biggie (Audio)

Today (March 9) marks 19 years since the world lost The Notorious B.I.G., but his legacy remains as strong as ever. His music stands the test of time as some of the greatest Hip-Hop ever recorded, and he has influenced countless artists since. One MC who has steadfastly carried on Biggie’s tradition of lyricism and dedication to the craft is fellow Brooklyn native, Joey Bada$$.

Though he was born just 2 years before Biggie passed away, more than most of his peers, Joey has gravitated to the dark samples, boom bap drums and complex cadences that dominated the sonic landscape when Christopher Wallace was in his prime. With that sound in mind, Joey and his frequent collaborator Statik Selektah go to work in crafting a song that pays homage to B.I.G. and the burrough that spawned both MCs.

“Brooklyn’s Own” is Joey’s lamentation on current times. He reflects wistfully on how Hip-Hop used to sound, the violence that grips today’s society, the fear surrounding us, and more. Much like the mean streets about which Biggie rapped, however, Brooklyn has molded Joey and prepared him to face anything. The song is a salute to those who share that birthright, both past and present.

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