Nas & Large Professor Still Barbeque 25 Years Later, With One Lyric Change (Video)

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This month, Nas hosted a 2016 South By Southwest event called “Live At The BBQ.” The same night Nasir Jones premiered his collaborator with J Dilla, he invited mentor Large Professor to the stage. Large Pro and his early ’90s group Main Source would introduce Nas to the ears of many through the 1991 song, “Live At The Barbeque”—which L.P. produced and rapped on. The Wild Pitch Records track would also introduce Akinyele and Joe Fatal.

Together, the two Queens, New Yorkers performed the Breaking Atoms song. Heads will notice that in 2-0-1-6, Nas has changed one verb in particular from the breakout appearance. The rowdy MC who came on the scene and professed he “went to hell for snuffin’ Jesus” now claims he’s “lovin’ Jesus” when he raps. Notably, Nas’ lyrical allusions to religion are immense over the last 25 years. His sixth album, released in 2002, would be called God’s Son. His 2004 follow-up, Street’s Disciple, featured a cover that referenced “The Last Supper” from The Bible.

At the end, the two lyrical contemporaries finish out the synergy with a handful of freestyle bars.

In the last 25 years, this pair has worked together extensively, most notably on Nas’ debut, Illmatic.

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