Royce 5’9″ Proves Being Lyrical Is Cool While Destroying New School MCs (Video)

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Shortly after releasing a video for the lead single for his forthcoming album Layers starring his son, Royce 5’9″ is back with another video centered on intergenerational perspective, this time focused on taste and trends. While in “Tabernacle” Royce takes a micro approach to telling a story, “Which Is Cool” is broader in its scope and takes younger people to task for their behaviors and proclivities. Not exactly judgmental in tone, the song is more so an exercise in documenting the beauty in different points of view – which is not to say the subject of Royce’s bars are free from criticism (“if you don’t write your own rhymes, get offended/this is for you and you, listen fool”).

In the video, Royce is forced into contact with a cast of characters, all of whom represent youth culture to varying degrees. There’s the yuppie with his slicked-back hair and expensive suit and watch, whereas one aisle over hipsters are doing the “Flicka Da Wrist,” at which point Royce can be seen SMHing, as the kids would say. Of course, an Instagram-famous millennial can be seen filming himself acting up in the convenience store they’re all occupying, and by the time Royce has checked out at the counter and the song is over, the closing line of “maybe it ain’t a style to be lyrical” resonates for real.

“Which Is Cool” follows “Dead President Heads” in what promises to be a full serving of pre-album releases that won’t even be found on Layers but which will rather find a home on a free EP called Tabernacle: Trust the Shooter. Further details are yet to be released, so stay tuned for more information. Layers arrives April 15 and can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

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