Royce 5’9″ Releases The Song Of His Life. “Tabernacle” Is A Game-Changer (Audio)

Last week, Royce 5’9″ announced, on Ambrosia For Heads, that he is releasing Layers, his first solo album in nearly 5 years. The album arrives in stores on April 15 and features Royce’s best and most personal work to date. He wastes no time in showcasing both on his lead single, “Tabernacle.”

Enveloped by a gospel-infused track produced by S1 & J Rhodes, the song details what Royce calls “the most significant day of [his] life.” On the same day in 1997, Royce had his son, lost his grandmother in a car accident, and met Eminem at a show, where Royce was opening for Usher. Each event by itself would have been life-changing for the MC, but for all to happen at the same time felt like divine intervention to him and gave him a new sense of spirituality.

“Tabernacle” was written 4 years ago and was the first song Royce penned when he became sober after a long struggle with alcohol abuse. He says with his sobriety came a flood of memories that had been suppressed, along with a newfound clarity. This allowed him to be introspective in a way he had never been in his music and, as he told Sway in a recent interview, in many ways, this is what his first album should have been.

This lead single is one of the most honest and brilliantly executed stories in ages, and portends an album that rightfully establishes his place among the most elite of MCs…for any who did not already know.

royce 5 9 - tabrenacle

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