This Mix Of The 16 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time Is 21 Minutes of Heaven (Audio)

Last September, Ambrosia For Heads launched a debate among its readers seeking to answer one of Hip-Hop’s most hotly-contested questions: what is the greatest Rap Album Of All-Time? “Finding The GOAT Album” has considered more than 120 albums from the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s (40 in each), with options for wild card and write-in candidates. When voters decided the final 16 albums, AFH put out a request for DJs to create mixes showcasing the richness of the music found in those Sweet 16. Several talented DJs responded, including the likes of DJNastyNaps, DJ Kingpin-Villain of Vinyl (@djkingpinvov), and DJ Demize (@djdemize), who fought through the flu to deliver a killer mix. Each had different approaches with some choosing to focus on deep album cuts and others spinning more of the hits.

One particularly outstanding mix came courtesy of DJ Goodfoot. Despite the fact that his mix was only 21 minutes, he managed to include an amazing number of songs in his playlist. Not just playing the originals, he dug in his crates for acapellas and created countless remixes, mashing up Public Enemy and N.W.A., Wu-Tang Clan and Biggie, OutKast and Eric B. & Rakim and many more. He manages to breathe new life into established classics, in the best possible way. Not only is Goodfoot’s mix a celebration of the greatness of each of the albums included in the Sweet 16, it’s 21 minutes of bliss for fans of Hip-Hop and dedication to the craft of DJ’ing.

We salute these and all other DJs who dedicated time to making this round of Finding The GOAT Album sweet, indeed.

The Sweet 16 round of Finding The GOAT Album closes tonight at 7pm EDT.

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