Too Short Gives Some Real Game To 2 Young Boys With Questions (Video)

Too Short has been giving up “game” for nearly 35 years. Songs like “Gettin’ It,” “The Ghetto,” and “So You Want To Be A Gangster” educated audiences on the thrills and perils of a life in the underworld. However, while many of Too Short’s tales are freaky, he still shows caution when talking to the next generation.

The latest episode of All Def Digital’s #ArtsNRaps finds the Oakland, California legend rappin’ with two smirking young Heads—who have some surprisingly adult questions. While one particularly adorable kid tries to get Short Dog for a C-note after the interview for some additional humor, they also ask some bigger questions about intimate relationships, slang words, and the MC’s favorite word. Although this veers past PG-13 at points, it’s some tenderness from the Dangerous Crew front man.

It has been more than four years since Short’s last studio album, No Trespassing.

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