Cypress Hill’s B-Real Gets Put On The Hot Seat By 2 Kids & It’s Uncomfortable (Video)

Cypress Hill’s B-Real is known for a number of things: his nasal Rap flow, rhymes about killing men, being insane in the membrane, and a fondness for inhaling the aroma of certain flowers. One thing he is not typically associated with is having conversations with kids…until now.

The California MC was the latest guest on All Def Digital’s Arts & Raps series, which is hosted by Lael and Zay-Zay, 2 precocious grade school kids who do arts and crafts with guests while asking them about anything and everything. The questions start off innocently enough, with Zay-Zay asking B-Real what advice he would give to children. The MC shares wise words, counseling them to “take [their] time growing up,” and to take advantage of all their parents have to offer them. Soon enough, however, the hosts turn up the heat and B-Real starts to smoke (figuratively, this time), on the hot seat.

“Why is your car always smoky?” is the next questioned that is fired at B-Real. After some deft ducking and dodging, he is asked “Is it true you have the biggest bong in the world,” followed up by “What’s a bong?” and “If marijuana isn’t bad for people, why can’t I do it?” Again, B-Real proves to be surprisingly adept at both answering the question and evading the hot spots.

After the more conventional question of “Who created the name Cypress Hill,” Lael says “My dad keeps on staring at women’s butts” and asks “Why does he do that?” B-Real’s eyes can almost be seen rolling to the back of his head through his impenetrable sunglasses as he delivers a hammy response about posteriors being art and men loving art.

In the end, he survives and fares better than most candidates have done in recent political debates. B-Real for President?

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