Action Bronson’s Latest Is A Blue Chip Off Of Biggie & Super Cat’s Block (Audio)

Action Bronson has garnered some of the strongest acclaim of his career through the Blue Chips mixtape series with Party Supplies. Some of that same chemistry made its way onto 2015’s Mr. Wonderful, with Bam Bam and the Fool’s Gold Records production team creating four of the Top 10 LP’s 13 tracks.

Since 2013’s Blue Chips 2, the Queens, New York MC pushes the pedal of the BMW M3 down to soon arrive at Blue Chips 7000. The first single, “Mr. 2 Face” features Meyhem Lauren and Jah Tiger. Early ’90s Rap-Reggae fusion Heads will immediately catch the beat and the song’s apparent vibe to be a modernized homage to Super Cat, Puff Daddy, and The Notorious B.I.G. (as Biggie Smalls) “Dolly My Baby” video mix.

Moreover, after some experimental material as of late, this brings Bam Bam back to the 2011 core that propelled him from Underground Hip-Hop to viral sensation. The song calls out wishy-washy friends, with Jah Tiger digging into the song’s chorus.

Action Bronson Completes a Day of Mixtape Madness with the Release of Blue Chips 2

This Dancehall-tinged song is a companion to the “F*ck, That’s Delicious” trip to Jamaica. There is no release date as of yet on Blue Chips 7000.

#BonusBeat: Super Cat and Biggie’s original:

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