Wayne Brady Freestyles With Action Bronson & Steals The Show (Video)

This week, Action Bronson made an appearance at Shade 45 on a show hosted by Whoo Kid and DJ’d by Alchemist. Joined by Meyhem Lauren, Bronson was there to promote his VICE cooking web series. While there in the Shade 45 “fish bowl,” Bronson spotted none other than the multi-faceted Wayne Brady. Brady’s many talents include hosting, acting, singing, dancing and…rapping. For any who have seen his 5 Fingers of Death Freestyles on Sway in the Morning, they know Wayne gets down on the mic, and he almost always flows off the top.

Whoo Kid tees up the cypher and Bronson introduces Brady and Lauren, while Alan The Chemist drops the beat. Bam Bam sets things off with his ill, unorthodox flow. Seemingly going off the top, he stops and starts again, but brings the heat. Meyhem is next and kicks the grit and grime to which his fans are accustomed. The 1-2 punch is a tough act to follow, but Brady is no pretend MC. After Bronson asks him whether or not he has something, Wayne calmly adjusts the mic and proceeds to wreck shop. His rhymes are smart, funny, and all of the top, as he makes numerous references to his location, the people in the room and the happenings around him.

Bronson’s reaction is priceless, as he rips off his headphones and walks away from his own mic. It’s a light and entertaining Hip-Hop moment, and you can see the enjoyment in the faces of all who were present.

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