Chance the Rapper’s “Day One” Angels Keep Him Grounded & Surrounded (Video)

2015 Chance The Rapper single “Angels” has truly taken flight. Featuring fellow Chicago, Illinois MC Saba, the uplifting song gives thanks to the loved ones that serve as spiritual protectors around us, despite the vast temptations and treacherous possibilities. Chance’s verses examine the challenges of being a young father trying to manage his vices in Chi City, while still doing greater good.

For the whimsical video, the youth movement of the Windy City remains in focus. Chance flies through the skies as a goggled superhero, before linking with Saba. They ride a elevated train with peers, celebrating the fellowship being a team of guardian angels. This is “crew love” at a deeper level.

As the song C.T.R. and Saba have regularly performed on television, this is single is a focal point of the presumed next movement. This week, Esquire alluded to a proper Acid Rap coming soon.

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