Conscious Daughters Gave Us Somethin’ To Ride To And It’s Forever Fonky (Video)

In the canon of G-Funk, several names come to mind: DJ Quik, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Tupac and, of course, Dr. Dre. Even unexpected artists like Talib Kweli and Masta Ace have delved in the genre. However, one of the most unheralded G-Funk gems comes courtesy of a female duo not from Los Angeles, but from the Bay Area.

In 1993, Carla “CMG” Green and the late Karryl “Special One” Smith, collectively known as Conscious Daughters, had released their debut album, Ear To The Street, via Paris’ Scarface records. At the time, Paris was best known for revolutionary and incendiary records like “The Devil Made Me Do It,” and being dropped from Tommy Boy Records because of his album, Sleeping With The Enemy, which had themes of killing then President George H.W. Bush and racist police officers.

Rather than release artists that were extensions of himself, Paris went an entirely different direction. Conscious Daughters were strong women who had smooth and funky flows and who were decidedly gangsta. The music on the album was far more N.W.A. than Public Enemy or Paris. Not only did Paris not have them mimic his sound, he helped them shape their own, as the producer of all the songs on the project. While the entire album was steeped in the West Coast Cali sound of the time, it was their single, “Somethin’ To Ride To (Fonky Expedition),” that was just drenched in G-Funk.

In the video, CMG and Special One oozed nothing but cool. They cruised around in their red drop-top, wearing the plaids and bandanas of their southern counterparts. The rolling bass line and high synths provided the perfect soundtrack and fit the song’s title like a glove. Though Conscious Daughters would never have a song as big as “Somethin’ To Ride To (Fonky Expedition),” the song endures as a timeless memento from the G-Funk era.

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