Joyner Lucas Is Sick Of “Panda” So He Kills It With A Lethal Verse (Audio)

With 55-million plays on YouTube, Desiigner’s “Panda” has become unavoidable to many. So many, in fact, that artists are remixing the track and voicing their displeasure. Enter: Joyner Lucas. Heads may recall his performance during the BET Hip-Hop Awards last October, where he took part in an explosive cypher alongside fellow up-and-comers Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, King Mez, Ting, and others. His performance certainly caught the attention of heavyweights including Busta Rhymes, with whom he collaborated on “Jumanji.” Now the Worcester, Massachusetts MC is back with another blistering reach for the jungle’s top spot, desecrating “Panda” and launching it with his being “tired of the fucking ‘Panda’ song.”

With a couple of opening bars that are wonderfully reminiscent of Eminem’s early delivery style, “Panda (Remix)” is unrelenting in its verses, with Lucas blacking out more than once but perhaps no more brilliantly than in the second verse. Rapid-fire unloading coupled with a complex rhyme scheme makes this perhaps the performance to make Joyner Lucas a talked-about MC to more listeners, and for anyone else who may wince the next time Desiigner’s original version comes on the radio, Lucas has served up an antidote that is straight beastly.

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