KRS-One Responds To MC Shan’s Battle Bars With A Brutal Diss Record (Audio)

For one week now, MC Shan has asked for a proper battle with KRS-One. Thirty years removed from the genesis of “The Bridge Wars,” Shan revealed some bars he had for Kris last week. This morning, the onetime Juice Crew MC released an acapella verse that pulled no punches in attacking Shan’s former collaborator. This all stems from the Marley Marl protege being upset that KRS-One states he won in the ’80s.

Less than 24 hours after Shan’s latest verse went to social media, KRS-One has officially replied. “Still Huggin’ A Nut” (an acronym for “Shan”) plays by the same rough rules as Shan’s attacks. In this two-minute song, Blastmasta KRS claims he is responsible for MC Shan’s career, and now can just as easily erase it. Kris makes light of Shan using crack cocaine (something Shan alluded to in his own most recent verse), and asserts that he won in the 1980s, and now he’s merely dis’ing the Queens, New York MC’s ghost. In the verse, before interpolating M.O.P.’s “Ante Up,” KRS-One also cries foul that Shan would mention the Bronx, New York MC’s wife in a battle verse.

The “Bridge Wars” may now have a 2010s chapter. While MC Shan was reportedly seeking a paid battle, this one lives in online infamy, for free. The track can be downloaded at no cost as well.

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