Native Tongues Father, Brothers & Affiliates Come Together For Phife (Audio)

Following the March 22 death of Phife Dawg, Black Sheep Dres has been deeply instrumental in raising awareness of the life of Malik Taylor. Both members of the Native Tongues movement, these MCs rolled together in the ’90s and 2000s. After being a key organizer in last week’s memorial event in St. Albans Park in Queens, New York, D-R-E-S has made his tribute song.

With proceeds going to Phife Dawg’s wife and children for the single, Dres brought on another early ’90s alum in fellow Native Tongue Chi-Ali as well as Brand Nubian’s Sadat X to pay tribute to the Phifer on a funky bassline. DJ Kool Red Alert sets the song off, as the Native Tongues O.G. calls Phife his “little brother.”Chi raps about the regrets that the Native Tongues never toured together as promised, recalls debating Phife’s status as the GOAT in the yard during his 2000s prison sentence, and thanks him for writing some of those early rhymes. Sadat describes the 5 Foot Assassin’s sports fanaticism, and some of his most memorable Rap lines. Dres plays clean-up, with a verse from the center of the soul about their time together, and just what Malik Taylor meant to his life.

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“One of the things that Phife [Dawg] shared with me that I don’t think I ever got a chance to thank him for… was a moral compass,” Dres told Ambrosia For Heads. “He was just a good dude… whether someone was paying attention or not… his passing is truly a loss for humanity.”


Support Phife’s family with purchase of this song.

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