Watch A Live Stream Of The Celebration Of Phife Memorial Service At The Apollo Theater (Video)

Earlier this week, Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest put out a call to action for fans to assemble at the St. Albans Park in Queens, NY yesterday (April 4), promising something special for the first 200 people who arrived. There, those fans were given T-shirts, by volunteers which included Black Sheep Dres, that doubled as admission tickets to a public memorial service that is being held for ATCQ’s Phife Dawg tonight at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, at 6pm EST. For those fans who were unable to gain admission or who do not live in the NYC area, Revolt TV is providing a live stream, which can be viewed below.

In addition to the memorial service, Phife’s family has released a statement they say they “have decided to see his wishes through, and release music that he had been recording for his new album, Give Thanks, up until his untimely passing.” Phife’s wife, Deisha, says, “Phife loved his fans, and was so excited for them to hear his new music. I feel like he would have wanted it this way.”

The first track released from the project is “Nutshell” where Phife can be heard rhyming in top form over a previously-unreleased J Dilla-produced track. Phife’s longtime manager, Dion Liverpool, says of the song “The single displays Phife’s legendary wordplay as he describes himself, in a nutshell, so to speak.” The video (directed by Tony Reames) for the song also will debut worldwide at The Celebration of Phife service at the Apollo.

According to the statement, the family will be donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of “Nutshell” to the American Diabetes Association and the National Kidney Foundation. “Malik had always wanted to use his voice to raise awareness and formally educate young people about diabetes, so we think this is the perfect way to honor him and contribute. This will be an ongoing relationship with these two great organizations,” said his family.

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