Run The Jewels Celebrate The Birds & The Bees In Their Video For “Love Again”

Run The Jewels is known for their hard raps and nostalgic Hip-Hop aesthetics. Killer Mike and El-P channel the likes of 2 Live Crew, Eazy-E, and even Lil’ Kim when they team with Gangsta Boo for “Love Again (Akinyele Back).” Even in its title, the late 2014 Run The Jewels 2 single pays homage to the Lefrak City, Queens veteran who made raunchy tunes reach the mainstream organically. Setting the song to some extreme close-up footage of bees, flowers, and what appears to be Venus fly traps in action, the music video is definitely in on the joke.

The imagery matches Mike, El, and Boo’s lyrics about rough bedroom (or kitchen) exploits, strong sexual prowess, and unforgettable connections with exes.

R.T.J. is at Coachella this weekend.

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