Alicia Keys Is Releasing Her 1st Album in 4 Years. Here’s The Lush New Single (Audio)

In the 4 years since the release of her album Girl On Fire, Alicia Keys has been active as a spokesperson for several products, an advocate for various causes, and as a mother, having given birth to her second child in 2014. However, while she has had one-off releases here and there, she has not shared much music with the world during that time period. Now, Keys is ready to return to the craft that endeared her to fans as a star 15-years ago, as she preps her sixth studio album, which is slated for later this year.

Alicia Keys Sings To The Skies & Calls For Love In These Troubling Times (Video)

Keys has released “In Common,” the first single from the as yet untitled project, and it is a new sound for the singer/songwriter. The track was written by Keys, Illangelo, Tayla Parks and Billy Walsh, and was produced by Illangelo. It features a lush Latin-influenced production, with flourishes of EDM. Lyrically, it tells the story of two lovers whose romance is likely ill-fated because they have too much in common, and both are “messed up.” It retains the nuance, honesty and vulnerability that Keys has displayed throughout her career, and while the sonic template is different than what she has done before, it feels authentic to her artistic progression.