DOOM Remixes Some Definitive Method Man With His Own Brand Of Herbs (Audio)

Renowned as an MC, DOOM (a/k/a MF DOOM) is a highly accomplished producer too. Even before his reinvention on Operation Doomsday, the K.M.D. front man was producing tracks for 3rd Bass’ Pete Nice and others. In the last 10 years, the masked villain has laced songs for Ghostface Killah, Masta Ace, and John Robinson, among others. As a producer, DOOM has built a reputation for favoring 1970s and 1980s sample loops, especially in Disco, Jazz, and Pop—including Jody Watley, Steely Dan, and Cerrone. Corresponding with the villain persona, the producer takes what he needs, arranges it sparsely, throws on a catchy title, and keeps it moving onto the next.

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Only adding to his mystique, some of the very same sample-driven beats DOOM shopped and sold to major label and indie releases, were instrumentals he had put on his Special Herbs series. Between 2001 and 2005, DOOM released 10 of these instrumental albums on a host of independent labels. Often times, to promote these efforts, the multi-threat would remix his beats against other artists’ work, as “Special Blends” including Erykah Badu and Nas. From special stores and online retailers, CDs of these mixes were circulated. Eleven years later, Nature Sounds Records (where DOOM has released instrumental and live releases) is releasing a  2LP vinyl reissue of Special Blends, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (June 17). This limited edition deluxe package includes a t-shirt.

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In support of the re-issue, Nature Sounds has dusted off a DOOM remix rarity. Years ago, the affiliate to Ghost’ took an acapella from another Wu-Tang Clan swordsman: Method Man. Using his Special Herbs, Vol. 5 inclusion “White Willow Bark,” DOOM mixed it against Iron Lung’s 1993 “Method Man” verses from Enter The Wu-Tang Clan. While this “special blend” may not be sanctioned, nobody can say this is not “official.”

#BonusBeat: DOOM’s circa 2003 “On & On” special blend remix: