Nyck Caution Shows Pro Era Is One of the Deepest Crews On The Beast Coast (Video)

Although Joey Bada$$ may have been the first member of the Pro Era crew to have break out success, the talent in the group runs deep. Since the release of Joey’s 2012 mixtape, 1999, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, Dessy Hinds and, of course, the late Capital STEEZ have all made names for themselves. Nyck Caution is the latest member of the Brooklyn, NY collective to make moves, releasing the album Disguise The Limit, in March.

Pro Era’s Nyck Caution Is Limitless On High-Flying New LP (Album Stream)

Now, Caution steps into the spotlight once again, as he becomes the inaugural MC to launch Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle series, “Freestyle #001.” In introducing the series, Flex says “I’ve made a decision on how we’re going to do things from now on. We ain’t bringin’ no wack spitters. If you can’t handle it, you not comin’ up. Don’t call me if you a happy rapper.”

With that kind of a set up, the pressure would seemingly be on, but Nyck casually sizes up the slow and soulful beat Flex throws on, then proceeds to dice it up. He doesn’t attack it over-aggressively. Rather, he settles into the track, meshing his flow with the beat like the record belongs to him.