Prince & Kendrick Lamar’s Full Performance Surfaces & They Tear Down The Stage (Video)

In October of 2014, video surfaced of Prince and Kendrick Lamar performing together. The Twin Cities Pop icon and King Kunta from Compton (a title he was six months away from claiming) would rock 1998 Prince box set inclusion, “What’s My Name.” K-Dot, who was just a mere 11 years old when the Warner Bros. set released, added a verse at the Minneapolis, Minnesota performance. Shortly after the Internet clamored to see two of the most dynamic songwriters (representing different generations), together, the video vanished—as many associated with Prince’s catalog tend to.

Less than two weeks following Prince’s April 21 death at his Paisley Park compound, a full version of the concert collaboration is back in effect:

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During late 2014, Kendrick Lamar was recording his sophomore major label album, To Pimp A Butterfly. While Soul, R&B, and Funk icons George Clinton (Parliament, Funkadelic) and Ronald Isley (The Isley Brothers) were guests on the album, Kendrick would later reveal that Prince was an intended guest on the platinum TDE/Aftermath Entertainment album.

“Prince heard the record, loved the record and the concept of the record got us to talking,” Kendrick Lamar told this year, of his 2015 Rapsody collaboration “Complexion (A Zulu Love).” “We got to a point where we were just talking in the studio and the more time that passed we realized we weren’t recording anything. We just ran out of time, it’s as simple as that.” The song on the Grammy Award-winning album eventually released without Prince.

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Unless there is something in Prince’s mythical vaults that he and Kendrick have not spoken publicly about (which is entirely possible) from their studio time together, this moment in time will live on eternally as a meeting between a proven musical god and a truly great one rising.