Pusha T & Jay Z Push Each Other To Their Absolute Best On New Single (Audio)

Pusha T has released the first single from his forthcoming album King Push, and it is a barn burner. Wasting no time with fodder, Push unloads one of the finest songs he’s released in years in “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” featuring Jay Z.

The DJ Dahi-produced track features each MC flexing impeccable wordplay. Both Hov and Pusha are revered lyricists, known for weaving in dense references, often speaking to their D-boy pasts, and each raises the ante in a thinly-veiled battle of wits. Pusha opens with “Valentino summers and wave runners. Chains on my niggas like slave runners. Drug dealers anonymous…How many Madonnas can that Mazda fit? My brick talk is more than obvious, it’s ominous. Garages, the phantom, ghouls, ghosts and goblins. Blonde mohawk the collection I’m Dennis Rodman.”

Similarly to his verse on the red hot remix to Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s “All The Way Up,” Jay Z uses his verse as an opportunity to throw poison darts at his critics. He raps “14-year drug dealer and still counting. Who deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant. He been hula hooping through loop holes, working around shit. IRS should’ve had the townhouses surrounded.” The first line, is a response to talking head Tomi Lahren, who, when criticizing Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance in February, said of Jay “Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years, he sold crack cocaine.”

If this is how Pusha is starting his campaign for King Push, it’s about to be a cruel Summer for lesser MCs.