Skyzoo Wrecks A Pete Rock Beat With A Dazzling Off The Top Freestyle (Audio)

Skyzoo The Writer has been writing and performing hard-hitting verses for a decade. On albums, it is not uncommon to see the Brooklyn, New Yorker dazzle with bars that are as close to symmetric as they can seemingly get. Flow is at the epicenter of many S-K-Y records, as the MC regularly showcases his lyrical rhythms.

Appearing on Dr. Dre’s Beats1 radio show The Pharmacy, the First Generation Rich MC goes for the gusto. Skyzoo uses a Pete Rock instrumental to go completely off the top of the head in a way that closely replicates the intricacies of his written verses. With that unwavering confidence, the freestyle focuses on his skills, his BK surroundings, and Rap-referencing wordplay.

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Heads can hear Pete’s vocals in the background of the beat.