Alicia Keys Is A One Woman Musical Army In An Elegant Performance (Video)

Alicia Keys’ arsenal of talent can be easily taken for granted in a career decorated with consistent quality throughout all of the sonic versatility. In addition to her astounding vocal range, the songstress is an elite musician, known especially for her work at the keyboards.

At last night’s (June 26) 2016 BET Awards, Keys took the stage to perform her new single, “In Common.” There, with an electric keyboard at each side, Keys also tapped a bassline into an Akai MPC and later picked up an acoustic guitar for portions of the song. As Anderson .Paak (who also performed at the event) shows his own multi-talents in his stage show, Alicia reminds all that she is one of the pioneers of bringing instrumentation and self-suffiency back to popular music—all while singing at a level that other artists can only dream of. This performance is technical, graceful, and incredibly artful—all at once.

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“In Common” is the lead single (followed by “Hallelujah”) to Keys yet-untitled sixth album.