DJ Quik Reveals He Will Release Collaboration With MC Eiht (Video)

Yesterday (June 10), Ambrosia For Heads shared our Must-Listen-To Albums, EPs, And Mixtapes Of 2016 list. Included in the 11 entries was Rosecrans, the independent EP made by Compton’s DJ Quik and Problem. This week, Q-U-I-K announced that there is more to come from the veteran MC/producer/DJ and one of his longtime pupils.

“Man, Problem has this wild young energy,” explained Quik. “I’ve been in the game 25 years. I’m considered a legend now so I’m more laid back and Problem is like this young Ferrari just revving so he just motivates you,” Quik told HipHopDX. The two began working together in the late 2000s, during Quik’s collaborative efforts with Kurupt and Snoop Dogg.

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The former Arista/Profile Records artist revealed that there is a full-length follow-up. “We got one of the greatest rappers of my day MC Eiht on [the album],” he revealed. “We did a record together, two of them. This dude’s so bad he caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready to write like that and he came in just killing.”

Throughout the 1990s, Quik and MC Eiht were engaged in a feud that stemmed from battling on underground tapes and gold and platinum records to real-street confrontations. Both artists hail from opposite sides of Compton.

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This is believed to be the first studio collaboration between Eiht and Quik. The title and release date to Quik & Problem’s full-length have yet to be confirmed.

In the DX interview, Quik also confirmed upcoming collaborations with Dom Kennedy, and a stylized sequel with onetime protege Suga Free.