MC Eiht Reveals How He & DJ Quik Ended One Of Hip-Hop’s Ugliest Beefs (Video)

For nearly 6 years, DJ Quik and MC Eiht were embroiled in one of Hip-Hop’s most vicious feuds on record. However, around 1997, the two men ended their infamous beef with little fanfare. While Eiht has discussed their extended war of words in the past, he recently sat down with DJ Vlad and gave one of the most extensive accounts of the history of the beef, and its resolution, on video.

Eiht begins by saying that while gang affiliations were not the cause of their initial disagreement, Eiht’s being a Crip and Quik’s being a Blood made for fertile soil in which seeds of misunderstanding could rapidly grow. He says the beef initially started because of a line that was misinterpreted on his Compton’s Most Wanted song, “Def Wish.” On the song, Eiht raps “bitin’ me quick well then you get the duck sick quick.” Prior to the release of “Def Wish,” Quik had recorded a demo on which he dissed both Eiht and N.W.A. (both artists being affiliated with the Crips). While Eiht had heard the demo, he asserts that he did not respond to it, but when “Def Wish” was released, Quik heard the song and assumed the line in question was about him. From there, the two men would engage in one of the most extended back and forths in Hip-Hop with a series of records from each.

While the exchange never escalated to violence between the two men, there was a fight at a Los Angeles club during a Quik performance that is widely-believed to be a result of their disagreement, and a man died during the fracas. On his song, “You’z a Ganxta,” Quik raps about the incident that allegedly took place at the Club El Rey. Quik mentions several Crip sets in the song, and Eiht suggests that those types of references were what caused the violence to spill into the streets, rather than being contained on record between the two artists, themselves.

Eiht says things changed, however, after the deaths of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. Both Eiht and Quik realized they didn’t want to see any serious violence go down between the two of them. Quik had already shown a measure of remorse on “You’z a Ganxta” and Eiht soon stopped releasing records attacking Quik. Their cold feelings really began to thaw as a result of mutual relationships. Eiht says he was friendly with Snoop Dogg and Quik had a longstanding relationship with Suge Knight and others from the Death Row Records camp. Eiht and Quik began running into one another here and there, and one day Eiht was invited to join Snoop at BET for an interview where he was told Quik would be present. The two men talked, squashed their differences and later that night, Eiht joined Quik and Mausberg in the studio. He says they even worked on a song together, though it was never released. Eiht also confirms that the pictures of the two artists together, that circulated some years ago, were taken at a wedding party for Snoop.

quik eith wedding

Eiht says when he and Quik were able to see each other face to face, as grown men, they just said there was no more beef. And, while he says the two do not call each other to hang out, they are cool. They’ve been at shows together, in studios, smoked together, and have even performed on the same stage, along with Kurupt. Perhaps one day, their song together will surface.

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