DJ Jazzy Jeff Remixes “Summertime” 25 Years Later & It’s A Scorcher (Audio)

This week kicks off the official summer season. In the Hip-Hop genre, no song is more synonymous with the season than DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s 1991 platinum single, “Summertime.” The Jive/Zomba Records hit was a Top 5 record for the West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania duo—the highest of their storied group work.

Just weeks after the single’s 25th anniversary, Jazzy Jeff goes back and reconsiders one of his biggest hits. Notably, the original Homebase version was produced by Chicago, Illinois’ Hula & K. Fingers (who would win a Grammy Award for the job). In 2016, with Will Smith’s smooth vocals in tact, Jeff gives it “A Touch Of (Modern) Jazz” with Eric Lau. Sultry female vocals (faded all over the song), a knocking bassline, and some newly reworked Kool & The Gang vibes in the background make this the perfect night-time companion to one of Hip-Hop’s bonafide warm weather classics. From cookouts to clubs, the party is in tact.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Perform Summertime in Vegas (Video)

As a note, earlier this year, Eric B. touched upon how elements of “Summertime” were intended to be an Eric B. & Rakim record. In his interview with Combat Jack, the DJ claimed he produced the version that his group would ultimately pass on.

Heads will now be waiting to see if Jeff and MICK (f/k/a Mick Boogie) will be bringing their annual Summertime mixtape series on July 4, if not sooner.

#BonusBeat: On the original 1991 12″ single, Jeff threw down his mix:

Last week, Jeff also launched the new season of his Vinyl Destination webisode series.