Joe Budden Disses Drake For 6 Straight Minutes…And It Gets Really Personal (Audio)

For weeks, rumors have been swirling about an epic showdown between once friends, Joe Budden and Drake. Things started to get tense between the two after Budden had some harsh words about Drake’s VIEWS album, saying “I think that kid on that album that I heard sounds real fucking uninspired. THAT’s what I think!!” Weeks later, Drake responded with the song “4pm In Calabasas,” where he proceeded to skewer both Budden and Puff Daddy, with whom, Drake still has a grudge after their physical altercation in Miami in 2014. At the time, Budden did not respond, saying that Diddy should, but as for himself, he tweeted “Ain’t no move..Now we all get to enjoy great Drake music.” That was then, this is now…

Drake Fires Back At Puff Daddy & Joe Budden With His Hardest Rhyme In Years (Audio)

After holding back for 3 weeks, Budden has unloaded with a diss track that spans more than 6 minutes. “Making A Murderer (Part 1)” is produced by araabMUZIK, and features Budden systematically dissecting Drake from every angle. He distinguishes himself from Puff Daddy and Jay Z who passively took shots from Drake, as well as Meek Mill, who Budden believes did not go hard enough at Drizzy. He also namechecks Quentin Miller, Drake’s alleged ghostwriter, saying “I’m a wordsmith, for real. You thought Quentin was bad.” Budden also calls Drake out for his penchant for throwing subliminal disses in his rhymes, instead of going straight at his enemies, saying “You’re so indirect, shit wasn’t real clear. Either Jimmy acting, or he really miss a wheelchair,” a nod to Drake’s character on his former show, Degrassi.

Perhaps just as hard-hitting than Budden’s rhymes are his ad libs. In between verses, he says “I don’t understand how you can fuck shorty, and I dap you and say ‘you a real nigga,’ and I critique your album and, all of a sudden, you sensitive. I don’t understand how you new niggas work.”

It’s after that where Budden launches into the third and, by far, most personal verse. Rather than dissing Drake’s music, Budden talks about real life interactions between the two men. “I’m from the school of pussy don’t get me punch drunk. Maybe it’s different in the city you come from. I’m from the school of these hos belong to everybody. No celeb exempt. Goes for everybody. So, when I seen you fucked shorty, not a bitter bone in me. I ain’t think of how to handle the plan, said ‘I’m aware. Have fun. Understand that it’s fam.’ Told that to you and not to her. That’s just that man that I am,” he raps, followed by “Kids got no respect. All ’cause you called me for the ho check on every ho you check. That makes sense. Bad bitches, that’s what Joe do best. And I was the man around these parts when they didn’t know you yet, which kinda makes me your OG in Toronto…” A few lines later, Budden makes the reveal, saying “The shit is truly a movie. You started a trend being a groupie for groupies. I should’a had Bria in the coupe and out’a way before you wrote a interlude about her,” possibly a reference to Bria Myles, a model with whom Drake and Budden have each been connected.

All this, and, as the title suggests, it’s only part 1…