Masta Ace Calmly Wages Microphone Destruction With An Ill Freestyle (Video)

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With The Falling Season, Masta Ace delighted longtime fans with his first full-length solo release since 2012’s MA Doom: Son of Yvonne. However, as the latter featured previously released beats, Masta Ace’s most recent LP is in many ways his first full-fledged new solo project since 2004’s A Long Hot Summer. As with some of his previous works, The Falling Season is conceptual in nature and features the MC’s masterful storytelling abilities. And, as with the promotional runs for any new album release, Masta Ace has been making appearances on radio programs, where in some cases he brings along a freestyle that reminds Heads he’s not only a masta in the recording studio.

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Earlier this month, the Brooklyn, New York, MC visited DJ Tony Touch’s “Toca Tuesdays,” a program that airs on Sirius XM’s Shade 45 channel. There, he performed a brief yet brilliantly crafted freestyle, etched with all the maturity and thoughtfulness fans have come to expect from the veteran rapper. His cool, calm, and collected delivery belies the mile-a-minute thinking required to come up with bars like “don’t be a one-eyed snake ’cause I need a belt/I’m nasty like a spiced ham burrito melt/lyrically, musically, psychologically it’s obvious y’all need some help/Yeah, but this is not Dr. Phil/Y’all dudes get ignored like a doctor bill/Now use your head like a soccer skill/Instead of poppin’ shit, you should pop a pill/’Cause this gonna hurt like a root canal.”

On June 13, Masta Ace released the video for “Y.B.I. (Young Black Intelligent),” a song he premiered on Ambrosia for Heads.