Masta Ace’s Latest Video Resonates Through Time & Shows Why He’s A Top MC

Masta Ace’s latest studio album, The Falling Season, is making noise for the 30-year Brooklyn, New York rhyme veteran. From the era of 12″ singles and un-skippable albums, Ace has deliberately kept his latest artistic baby away from the popular streaming platforms. The latest in a series of a concept LPs that back to 2001’s Disposable Arts, the choice also leads listeners to consume the sum of the parts, and get a stylized glimpse back into the MC’s adolescence. One of the M3 Records release’s singles is a great starting point for anyone curious to the kind of music the onetime Crooklyn Dodgers and Juice Crew member is making in 2016.

“Y.B.I. (Young Black Intelligent)” travels back to the early 1980s for its songwriter. However, nothing in the song is outdated or irrelevant to the circumstances placed upon today’s young Black males. The black-and-white visual traces the song’s lyrics—and follows a present-day protagonist from home to school to the library to skateboarding in the project courtyard. Peer pressure, police interference, and other obstacles get in the way of a young man simply looking to be his best self, and make his family proud. Masta Ace, the grown testament to this pursuit, looks on, and delivers some lines from one of the most powerful songs of his illustrious career. The visual premiered at VIBE.

This Documentary Treats Masta Ace’s Disposable Arts Like The Masterpiece It Is (Video)

Chuck D’s narration captures the essence on a song that features the music of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and a melodic chorus from Pav Bundy.

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This resonant single is a focal point to a grabbing LP that features Cormega, A.G., and Wordsworth, among others.