Maxwell’s New 1990x Lyric Video Is Sealed With A Kiss

After a 7-year hiatus, Maxwell resurfaced in a big way in April, much to the delight of fans. The Soul singer announced he was releasing a new album, blackSUMMERS’night, and launching a Summer tour to support it. He simultaneously released the LP’s first single, “Lake By The Ocean.”

Maxwell Is Releasing His First Album In 7 Years. Here’s The First Single (Lyric Video)

Now, Maxwell returns with song #2 from his forthcoming album. While “Lake By The Ocean,” was a tender ballad, “1990x,” his latest, is pure seduction. Lyrics like “we will climax with reason, ’cause we’re grown and we own it” are accompanied by incredibly suggestive visuals of a couple’s lips intimately locking for extended periods of time, and split footage of astronauts that morph into images that closely resemble embryos.

It’s clear Maxwell is preparing his fans for a long hot weekend and a Summer of love.