Nipsey Hussle & Snoop Dogg Give Some Real Game About The Costs Of Gang Life (Audio)

Nipsey Hussle continues his Marathon Mondays series with his strongest release yet. “Question #1” features Snoop Dogg who is in tip top form, and finds both MCs giving real game about the costs of gang life. While both have affiliations with the Crips, neither seeks to glorify bangin’. Instead, they discuss the hard realities that come with growing up in places where the wrong answer to the question “Where you from?” can cost you your life.

In his verse, Nipsey shares the perspective he’s gained with age, rapping “Was young and reckless with loaded weapons. This code of ethics is self-destruction. When it’s over, you left with nothin’. This life ain’t it boy, better check the subtext.”

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Snoop reinforces the message, asserting that even for those who don’t bang, the violence is inescapable. “A nigga had the nerve to walk up on me ask me where I’m from. I told him I ain’t bang, he didn’t listen so I gave him one,” he raps. “Where you from? I don’t bang. Where you live? Where you hang? Say the wrong thing, get banged,” he continues, with a feeling of inevitability. It’s reality rap from two MCs who have lived it and learned from it.