Redman Dares To Do An EDM Track With 1000volts. Who’s With Him? (Audio)

“You’re not trying to win by doing the new era music when you know you’re from the ’90s…A lot of artists try to implement some of the new wave into they situation. It works and [does not] work, because, sometimes the fans, they want originality. They want that artist that they grew up with. Like Redman, they couldn’t see me doing any Trap music—even though I’d air that shit out. I’d air anything out. But, they couldn’t see me doing any Trap music or just switching my whole mode into this new wave. So, I keep a level head from my circle [of peers] and my kids in just making the right decision. My white space is making that right decision to keep the ‘Redman’ brand going.” In November of 2015, Reggie Noble spoke those words in the midst of an extensive interview with Combat Jack. He said them with no judgement or disdain for contemporary music, but rather a keen understanding of his brand and the lane in which fans have grown accustomed to seeing him. Months later, Redman has formed a new group, 1000volts with producer Jayceeoh, and he is taking the opportunity to expand his sound in new directions that may be unexpected by his traditional fans.

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Their latest release, “Lights Out,” is a bombastic EDM track, complete with a build, drop and culminating in big Dubstep-like drums. Rather than his typical approach of focusing on dense lyricism, Redman lets the vibe of the track do much of the heavy lifting. He slows down the pace and simplifies his message of positivity. “I go to sleep, wake up smiling ’cause I got my health,” he raps, along with a chorus of “Life’s short. Hustle hard. Take it higher. Reach for the stars.”

Technically, since the song is under the 1000volts banner, it is not an official Redman release. That may be Reggie Noble being shrewdly attuned to his “white space” and “making that right decision to keep the ‘Redman’ brand going.” In any case, it’s another courageous move from a man who has made a career of living by his own rules. Are you with him?