Redman Twists Up A Different Blend With A New Remix (Video)

After more than 25 years of consistently rhyming on wax, Redman is recently taking lofty experiments with his music. Newark, New Jersey’s Hip-Hop King has recently been attached to a new group, 1000Volts, with veteran DJ/producer Jayceeoh. Now, Reggie Noble takes one of his songs from 2015’s Mudface and puts a different spin on it, with a video to boot.

“High 2 Come Down” was one of several Reggae-tinged tracks from the ’15 Gilla House release—Red’s first since leaving Def Jam Records. In the new year, he remixes it with more of a a cloudy, electro feel. This year, Funk Doc released the new mix as a maxi-single on streaming platforms. For the MysterDL-directed video of the song all about getting super-duper high, Red’ surrounds himself with his favorite plant and keeps it simple. The veteran MC kicks his bars into the camera, and walks the streets through the night, amped up and faded—at once. As has always been part of Redman’s aesthetic, simple works.

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Now completely independent, Heads likely will not be waiting as long for new music from the Def Squad giant.