ScHoolboy Q & Kanye West Play THeir Parts (Separately?) In A Creative Video

Last month, ScHoolboy Q and Kanye West collaborated for the first time on a bouncy new song titled “THat Part.” The song is the second single from Q’s forthcoming, as yet untitled, new album, which is set to be released on July 8. Now, the video has arrived and it is deceptively creative both in how it was shot and its approach to capturing Q and Kanye “together.”

ScHoolboy Q’s New Single Is Groovy But It’s Still Gangsta (Audio)

Opening with a school bus that, naturally, carries ScHoolboy, Q is intermittently shown with a group of attractive women and a crew of guys whose visages are obscured by faceless masks. As has been the case with several of Q’s videos, like “Collared Greens” and “Hell Of A Night,” the scenes are surreal and psychedelic, with hazy shots and bold colors. One minute and 42 seconds into the video, the school bus pulls in front of a house, Q gets out, knocks on the door and Kanye West answers. At the moment of his greeting, Q’s face is obscured and Kanye takes over, making it possible, if not likely, that the 2 men were not actually in the same location.

Kanye’s portion is shot to look like it is done in one take, as he goes on a trippy tour of the house. As he enters an all red room, Q is shown in the background, as Kanye faces away, but the two men never interact, giving further credence to the theory that they were not actually together. Ye is particularly animated as he galavants through the residence. Near the end of the visual, Q and Ye are again shown in the same frame, but they are divided by a wall. Regardless of whether they were in the same venue, the techniques employed by the director to make it feel like they were together are cleverly executed.

As the video closes, similarly to how Kendrick Lamar does on his song “Untitled 02,” Kanye requests TDE’s founder Top Dawg, saying “Call Top Dawg. Get that nigga on the phone.” Shortly thereafter, the screen fades to black and a telephone number appears–1-800-351-1132. One guess as to whose voice answers the call…