ScHoolboy Q Strips All Sense Of Glamour From Crime On Tookie Knows II (Video)

Over the years, ScHoolboy Q has built a catalog of extremely raw and hard-hitting tracks, that detail some of the grim realities of life. On songs like “Blessed,” he rapped about the impossibility of truly comforting a friend who had lost a son. With Oxymoron‘s “Hoover St,” his pen revealed a childhood surrounded by guns and dealing with an uncle with a substance abuse problem. Given how vividly Q paints pictures with his words, it is no wonder that his new series of short films feel more like documentaries than scripted dramas.

ScHoolboy Q Releases A Grim Short Film Premiering His Song “By Any Means” (Video)

After releasing “By Any Means,” part 1 of the short film series, and an extended music video for the track of the same name, ScHoolboy serves up part 2. “Tookie Knows II” picks up right where the first installment left off, with a car pulling up to a pawn shop, foreshadowing an impending robbery. The premonition is manifested and Q and his crew end up paying severe consequences for the caper.

As with part 1, chapter 2 is part short film, and part music video, with a fleshed out storyline and several other song snippets from Q’s forthcoming Blank Face LP.