Even With All His Wealth, Dr. Dre Still Gets A Bad Beat From The Police

The 2015 film Straight Outta Compton depicted some of Dr. Dre’s past troubles with the law. It was last in 1994, while wrapping the Murder Was The Case film and soundtrack that Compton, California’s Andre Young was fined and placed on eight months of police-ordered house arrest for a reckless, drunk-driving conviction and a related probation violation. In the nearly 22 years since, the rapper/producer has expanded his empire into a multi-billion-dollar electronics company, a film studio, two booming record labels, and talent scout to a number of star artists, including Eminem to Kendrick Lamar.

In all of the time since his last arrest, Dre (along with Ice Cube) has evolved greatly from his image in N.W.A. into a street-savvy media mogul. While Dre has been publicly attacked (including a 2004 VIBE Awards incident), the multi-platinum hit-maker has been charged with no crimes.


Yesterday (July 25), Dr. Dre was nearly arrested at his own home. The esteemed musician (who was recently valued at a worth of $710 million) was placed in handcuffs and given a citation outside his Malibu, California estate.

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A man reportedly stopped his automobile outside of Dre’s home—blocking his driveway. According to NBC Los Angeles, Young confronted the driver as he tried to return home, along the Pacific Coast Highway. The driver left, but returned to the position shortly. The homeowner confronted the man. Following an alleged verbal altercation, that driver contacted authorities, accusing Dr. Dre of using a gun to threaten him to leave. That driver’s name has not been released.

In a separate report by TMZ, there are claims of the man cursing at Dre as he moved his car—and reportedly making racially disparaging remarks towards the Aftermath Entertainment founder. An unnamed spokesman close to Dre said the executive used a phone to record the incident. The driver blocking access to Dre’s home called authorities at that time, claiming he witnessed a handgun.

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Police arrived, reportedly placed Dre in handcuffs in a patrol cruiser, and found no weapons in their search. The 51 year-old husband and father was issued a citation, and not arrested. Dr. Dre denied the driver’s accounts of what happened.

“Young was searched, handcuffed and briefly detained in a patrol car while deputies investigated. Deputies said Young was cooperative with deputies and consented to a search,” reported NBC.

This month, two of Dre’s onetime music pupils, Snoop Dogg and Game have recently been leading marches and conversations with the Los Angeles Police Department on improving its treatment of Black and Brown citizens.