Grand Daddy I.U.’s Impeccable Flow Will Make You Put Your “Handz Up” (Video)

Since Grand Daddy I.U.’s breakout hit “Represent,” in 1994 he has had long stretches in between releasing product. It would be 13 years before the Hempstead, NY MC would release his next album, Stick To The Script, and another 8 years before its follow up, 2015’s P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority). One constant throughout his career, however, has been his impeccable flow.

Take A Walk Through Grand Daddy I.U.’s Neck Of The Woods (Video)

After a relatively short time away, I.U. has returned with “Handz Up,” a new song that ably showcases his hard-as-nails cadence. He effortlessly rides a boom bap track punctuated with a blistering guitar sample, flexing lines like “a bad boy, pockets puffy like the old Diddy.”

Today, Ambrosia For Heads premieres the video for “Handz Up.” Directed by Olise Forel, the clip shows I.U. with a clique of ride or die’s who hold him down while he puts in work, musically and otherwise. Hopefully, its a signal of more to come from I.U. in 2016.