The Main Sources Of Sounds Behind “Breaking Atoms” Get BBQ’d (Mix)

Today (July 23) marks the 25th anniversary of Main Source’s Breaking Atoms. The only album recorded the trio’s lineup as Large Professor, K-Cut, and Sir Scratch remains a colorful cult classic in the Hip-Hop space. The Wild Pitch Records release would be an awakening to Large Pro’s multi-talents, as well as the first destination to hear vocals by Nas and Akinyele.

DJ Hellee Hooper (as he has done before), pays tribute with style. The 25th anniversary tribute mix prolongs elements of Breaking Atoms, while weaving in many of the far-reaching samples that the production staff selected. This 33-minute mix hops around the many beloved singles from the 1991 long player.

Large Professor Broke More Than Atoms 25 Years Ago. He Broke New Ground.

Fans of Funk, Soul, Rare Groove, and Jazz will appreciate this mix, which puts a nice new spin on a Rap gem that Heads have likely heard more than once. More than just constructive elements, Hooper sometimes throws in some cool reference samples to keep the Extra P party moving and fresh.

This Large Professor Mix Celebrates The Explosiveness Of Rap’s Mad Scientist (Mix)

Main Source would release one more album, 1994’s F*ck What You Think, following Large Professor’s exit.